Thank you for your continuing support of humming cafe.We will be closeting the cafe on Thursday for following dates.

10,17,24,31/ August.

We will resuming 7days in September.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sweet pea entrance

Akiko planted some sweet peas today in the cafes entrance. We wish to welcome everyone with colourful flowers by spring.



Limited time only Michiko’s Chiffon cake.

Michiko is the most talented baker at humming cafe!

So far Michiko had contributed to our cafe in many ways! Thank you very much.

We hope you all come by and have the chance to try Michiko’s cake.

Glenaeon school canteen is available on Tuesday as well!

Hi everyone of the Glenaeon community we have some good news. 

Humming cafe will be supplying canteen on Tuesday as well as Monday now. If you have a order just simply fill in the form and bring it to the office or humming cafe with the money. You can download the form on humming cafe’s website.